January 26, 2010

in six days

aaaahhhhahahhh! almost time to leave..this week will be extemely busy; i've yet to fil up one luggage with shit to haul along with me. i don't know what to think about the situation, as i've already said i'm feeling a little melancholy and worried. in an unrelated note, i am anticipating spring/summer! not just because i miss bright colors and jumpsuits and sandals (i do miss those quite a bit, still too cold and rainy for wear here), it's probably because i'm genuinely excited about new designer collections/trends and i want to saunter about in a warm, sunny atmosphere. i'm ashamed to admit some of the things i've added to my wearing repetoire (so much for resolutions). i'm dreaming about carry a nice tote or so, with a faded blue shirt dress--there's nothing wrong with florals or a slip sort of thing, it's just my preference for the moment--, round sunglasses, and platform wedge sandals. pigtails & light pink/grey/silver nails & fuschia lips (i am not much of a fan of the orange/coral so that would be my alternative). so, reveal in my pictorial realization! where price is an obsolete hurdle:

images from saks fifth avenue, old navy, and shop bop.
hmmm, i can just imagine walking down crowded streets in korea or japan in the muggy summer weather showcasing my high-low concoction of an outfit.

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