January 8, 2010

causes of concern: so long for 6

today is post-worthy! for some odd reason i woke up around three AM, unable to sleep (i tossed and turned distraught over thoughts of slender man...), finally deciding to watch old simpsons treehouse of horror episodes.

i fell asleep on the third one...had no idea that today would reall, truly bear news of intrigue, excitement, and general horror. by the end of the month i will no longer be wasting away in this shit-ridden, overeating with chemically enhanced foodstuffs, water-wasting, mostly education ignoring country! ok, this news came about around 8 or so when i thought, "what the hell, i'll go online." checking my email i come across this congratulations deal and ... that's how it went down. oh my god. my initial reaction was nonchalant and kinda glad i got it, but it hit home hard when i realised what this job meant..i am fucking apprehensive, terrified, and generally aroused, not sexually.

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