January 4, 2010

ridden Like a goat of the Scape variety

this 2010 has harbored ill afflictions on me already. it's more personal affairs that affirm my previous beliefs. anyway. i've decided to become even more of a frugal freak, not everything that's cheap needs to be bought even if it might possibly look good, but there is one, or maybe two things in mind that i wouldn't mind shelling out some cash for:

I saw this Rodarte for Target dress, tried it on, and although it was perhaps a tad too small (xs is wearable, but not comfortable) i absolutely adored it. i wanted to get it since it was the last one left...but i didn't. i later discovered i still have $$ on my target gift card from last year and another gift card with cash on it complacently lounging on my nightstand. the horrid part is...every target i go to doesn't even have that dress. it's gone! i'm aghast and will be pursuing it for as long as it's out there.

i've decided to part with my gray jeans from nearly three years ago. i wore the hell out of them , to an extent, and now i'm scrounging around for a...new pair. i just had a sustainable guilt-trip. ... anyway, i like my pants to be a certain length, ankle at most (okokok, i was totally sporting this before it got all trendy), which can be difficult since i have a rather less than average height. from what i've looked at thus far, i think i might get these while they're still on the kinda cheaper side. i mean, i've got jeans for $5 that fit and looked mah-velous and i like urban outfitter pants..the ankle cigarette ones i got are parfait. so. i have until next week to purchase if i choose to do so..

lastly, i feel compelled to discuss this. it has nothing to do with really, really, really wanting to buy; this is something cute and something i was looking for when i first saw it.

i don't remember how i stumbled upon the the fifi lapin blog. i just ended up there one day and i noticed that forever 21 is selling stuff with her printed on it. i thought the t-shirts were adorable on the blog, but i could not find them in stores. i actually saw this design. it's cute, albeit a tad too much to pay for a simple 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt thing.

hmmm, just to make this entry a little on the longer side, i've been into the kinks and the dave clark five; so much sixties. also friendly fires. i really, really like friendly fires right now. aren't you glad this blog is starting to show another side, showcasing fashion media and whatever else i'm liking?

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