January 20, 2010

wowzas, let's get that Saturated

i'm feeling wistful. i'm leaving the country in a little over a week--it's got me thinkin' and evaluatin'. i've done about nothing since the starting of this blog or my hs graduation that qualifies me as a productive human. i can't explain how that makes me feel; it's not exactly pure failure because i have accomplished a few things i swore i'd do during this "college time" (studying abroad and travel, bitches). getting this teaching stint, though...also has unexplainable feelings. i don't know about those kids. it's already some mighty bit of stress.
attained my new media device. it's still of the apple variety. was going through my library and found this. it transported me back to dance class 2006. i feel like it now.

the rain, the rain! it's not a bad thing.

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