December 15, 2009

Grades grades grades! The New School Musical

it is finals time for me. the nice thing about today was vaguely sleeping in and not having to worry about trying to get to class around 7-ish. i am worried about the 2 major projects due today because i have no clue how one is going/went and the other one definitely needs finishing an hour before class. i am little miss procrastinator and last minute gal--this is really no big deal, but considering the fact that i'm really gunning for A's this semester...i rethink a little.

besides my busy academic life, i must mention that i now adore voluspa candles. i think fluer de fĂȘte is my favorite, i'd like to light that in my room, even though i'm lighting up goji & torocco orange. the scent is wonderful and really, in a subtle manner, fills up the space.
i also have a huge crush on Mena Suvari.
I guess it was because i was watching american beauty and then day of the dead..i don't know. she's adorable. and kinda badass. my other objet d'attraction: APC boy models. OH MY GUUOOOSH. That's half of what i want my dream boy to look like.

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