December 4, 2009

I'mma learn ya how: Back to the Future 2.5's obviously december, but i nary believe it feels like it (ummm, nearly 80°F is not wintry). i'm definitely hating the christmas related and sounding songs/jingles on the radio, not so much on the tv. now that i think about it, yes, those are pretty fucking annoying, too. i don't have that merry spirit. it's just been a ridiculous week and last yesterday did not yield the cuteness that i usually expect nor the musical indulgences i live for. having a test did nothing to alleviate the horridness.

on a lighter, uplifting, and freaky note: I received a letter from me. It was dated a little over four years ago and it came through the post. I didn't think i'd be getting it (the possibility of skip being dead or simply ignoring my juvenile and vulgar vernacular), but it was there. Some of the topics it touched on are still rather pertinent in my life. mostly the globe trotting, cartoon watching, and "indie" taste in music--generally all there. i'm glad i don't have kids yet...and i really wish i'd followed my past self's advice to talk until my larynx was raw (i'd have had andrews, grant, "james franco", and art-alex by now had i done that). mmm. it makes me nostalgic for freshmen year of high school. or the better times from high school and especially english class (watching bridge on the river kwai, a christmas story, two versions of romeo and juliet, and the odyssey..).

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