December 30, 2009

when Looking back, eyes are unopened

went through some bins/containers/boxes that have been virtually dormant and untouched for over 10 years. i found some crazy shit, kids. not only were there pokemon cards (english and japanese), but POGS. that was weird. and they were the kind that had freaky illustrations, though not alf, and were shiny..anyway..more on disturbing look-backs: i found class pictures from my 5th and 8th grade. that was scary. i was surprised i didn't look extremely horrible in the 8th grade picture. i guess being far away from the camera can be attributed to that.

i can't believe it's already the end of the year..and the month. it's been a decade of 2000-somethings. i never realized that until the tv told me. i feel like i don't have stuff to look forward to next year. i'd just really like to be out of this country, making money, and snagging cute boys. i've been working on it. it should come into fruition soon. i've been getting better, maybe.

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