December 7, 2009

Innovative; we grew up w/o seizures

it might be considered early for blogging...but check out the new layout and colours! i'm excited. there are still some tweaks to eek out...overall i'm liking the new demureness and wideness (excellent for fitting in those large images). i'm not quite sure what else to bring into this post... i'm suffering from lethargy again. the same same same.

i plan to embark on some diy/dim projects. after attending the Unique LA thing during the weekend. it was crowded, but undoubtedly awesome with local and handmaking vendors and the free tote. some of the things weren't so ridiculously priced ($5 t-shirts and necklaces!). i've been hankering to make that puff skirt and mini purse thing..i should really be concentrating on finishing my tarea por mi clase.

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