November 5, 2007

Miser Musings on Music & Miscellaneousness

I suppose I'm content academically for the most part. Besides that I don't feel particularly jubilant over anything. Except maybe the 23rd when I'll be back in L.A. and going to see Cold War Kids. Mediocre retribution; quite droll. The future makes me a little bit pleasant because there's some leeway in deciding what will happen. Oh ho.

Well, I have recently discovered some interesting musical things. The first being The Rapture. I had heard of them before, even contemplated purchasing there album sometime last October, but I had never actually listened to them. Unaware of the strange genre these kids belonged to (from my browsing around: Dance-Disco-Punk...?), I ventured to some site and watched a vid of 'Pieces of the People We Love' (on the website under "media") and--hooo shizznits--I was intrigued with wonder...The vibe I got from it was, like, late 50's early 60's kinda old school swingers/sexual hype. I think it was the dancing that made me reminisce about that time. Mm, yes. I found the song to be relatively catchy as well.

Here is the time for picture posting. OHHHhh~! I'm so excited.

Yes. Arctic Monkeys. I've been interested in their music for a while, but I hadn't given any second thoughts to them personally so I decided to investigate a bit. After listening to "Who the Fuck are Arctic Monkeys?" I commenced an image search and I was intrigued yet again. And I have the utmost feelings for Yorkshire things (people in general, men in a subcategory). Perusing the internets I discovered this whole unknown cove with awesome Arctic Monkeyness and I'm basically...enamored.
Of course I looked around some more and found this short film thing based on "When the Son Goes Down" called Scummy Man (pt 1, pt 2). It may be a few years old, but I found it to be a little disturbing. Yep.

Other music things include Art Brut, Babyshambles (Peter Doherty is interesting, reminds of a kid), and others..


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alex turner!

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it's the latest porn