November 9, 2007

In Kafka's World

I am very, very disturbed over the news I received in one of my classes today: A 15 year-old French boy, Alexandre Robert, got raped by two men in Dubai. And one of the rapists could have AIDS. And the doctor examining Alex after the attack said that the boy was a homosexual because there weren’t any visible signs of rape. Catch up on the story here. That is really shocking. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this, but I guess that’s mostly due to the fact that I haven’t been watching any news and I haven’t read any of those weekly news magazines, like time and newsweek, since I started school here. I need to work some worldly information into my schedule.

I’m not looking forward to this upcoming holiday, not because I don’t care about V-E Day (11/12/45 at the twelfth hour, if I remember from Honors World History) and the brave veterans who fought in WWII, but because I’m going to be stuck at school and there isn’t going to be anyone here, for the most part, and it’s so unfortunate to be in this situation. Of course I would like to go home, but I have no good mode of transportation (train/plane= too much $, bus=too long…and I presume uncomfortable, car=too long, don’t have one, don’t know anyone here who has one and is going down). No ways.
Something more exciting! I will be going home next week, the weekend before Thanksgiving, on Thursday so I can devote myself to an event occurring on Friday. I’ll be missing one class, but—you know what—fuck it. I went to every damn lecture and discussion and I want a break from education…here. Besides, just a glimpse would make me happy. Oh so happy. Three days of school next week! Exciting.
Then back home for the real Thanksgiving. Yes.
Gosh, I’m hungry.

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