September 22, 2013

right now's 好きなもの

these are some things i like at the moment. actually, it might be one thing. i suppose that's to be determined as i continue with the rest of this.

after my break-up with japanese music about five or six years ago, i haven't listened to anything like my beloved art-school since then. i try to avoid it if i can. i rebounded with english/european music ranging from rock to electric kinda of stuff, but these days i hold no true loyalties to anything and i've ended up listening to many odd things.
so, this month i stumbled on this:

i don't know what made me click and watch. (i think it was the hair--it reminded me of high school/early college days scene-y/emo-ish boys.) i thought whoever was singing was a girl, the voice seemed high pitched at the time, but it was the guy with the hair. i ended up liking it so much. now i listen to kana-boon at least once a day.
from there i discovered this sort of thing:

that was the first one i saw where the person in the video plays one part of the song on guitar/bass/drums without showing their face. some people use masks, as seen above, or they just keep their heads out of the frame.

sometimes the person will show their face in the video, but most are faceless. is this a thing? i know people like to do covers of songs, singing and playing along and all that. these videos are more about sticking to the one part throughout the song ("try to play") much like guitar hero or something. i have two theories about the no-face thing:
1. they are hideous and/or embarrassed about the way they look.
2. they are modest and would rather showcase their abilities rather than their appearance, as it would too distracting.
i would rather believe the second theory as i like to imagine they are as attractive as they are talented. what girl can resist a musician? mmmm.
however, from personal experience the first one might as well be true.......

i'm so into king of the hill right now. even though i started watching it ten or eleven years ago when it was still on tv, the shows seems so much better an funnier. i netflix it nonstop and, dang, it's some good stuff.

and i really like eating brie. it's good. so goood.

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