September 13, 2013

around the worlds

i've returned from travels. i had a nice time, aside from the worrying. i recently returned from florida. here are some pictures.

the view from the plane on the way there. clouds look very pretty up close.

i went to hogwarts.

it was fucking amazing.

i had some butterbeer. it's less beer, more marshmallow-y kinda butterscotchy-y sweet. anyway, it was delicious.

assorted candy from the series from that candy shop i don't remember--honeydukes?

then, i went to springfield.

went to krusty burger.

got a krusty burger with fries,

ate it,

and washed it all down with a flaming moe (it was really flaming! in a sense that it was all smoky...).

i really wanted that dancin' homer plushie..

i saw this in a super discount store and i laughed in awe. i wonder what kind of person would buy this?

checked out some forestry. 

watched sunsets at sea. also pretty up close.

that's only a small collection of images from the trip.

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