March 11, 2011

Anticipations, never leave, Please

What's happnin'??

So, i'm finally done with that grotesque ordeal regarding writing up stuff and referencing and transcribing that's worth a shitload of points. But. I digress. I feel the relief, the sensation of having the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders (thanks, atlas) and i can function like a normal ... younger person again. the funny thing about today: breakfast blunts. i imagine.

ok. back to mindless, tedious thoughts and observations about the last day of classes. OH MANS. I was absolutely heartbroken when i was sitting in italian class, listening to my teacher spew expletives and insults in a foreign tongue, and when the thought smacked me upside my giant head: this was the last time i'd ever see my teacher again (i've admitted it elsewhere, but i guess now would be an ok time to do so, too) because i've harbored some attraction towards him...there are countless qualities he possesses that are immensely irresistible to me (and maybe other girls who aren't into the super machismo or hyper sensitive fellows and enjoy sipping/downing whiskey while watching fellini films and playing the beatles' revolver in the background..but! i digress). it was definitely the glasses that made me like him initially (it's my thing. probably a borderline fetish). no more sweaty pit stains and slightly smirked (to the right side) grins occurring in uncomfortable situations or in uncertainty or ...when something kinda humorous went down. oh. i'm really gonna miss seeing him everyday. seriously. especially those pit stains.

the only thing i have to immediately stress over is my final for italian tomorrow.

with all my forthcoming free times, i'm apt to get some belated shit done; hmmm, like sending stuff to people about stuff that happened and what of it now. to whoever reads this and can infer that this is about: i can gather my thoughts together and come up with a retort that encompasses what i meant, and mean and feel and think now. expect something.
i also want to get up some relatively insanely interesting pictures i took while studying/doing school stuff in yrl, that new library hangout i've been frequenting. i like how it's nearly deserted, the construction on the ground floor might be the likely culprit, and has multiple floors with labyrinths of shelves containing the most oddest printed things (francis grierson, snark hunting, scientific anthologies of brazil, & the list goes on). but the point of interest here lies in those individual desks, lining the walls and flanking the giant windows that allow mindless gazing outside, of the upper floors.

coming soon.

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