March 17, 2011

Grinning green

hi!! "winter" finals are over and i can fulfill my spring break fantasy of staying home all day playing video games and going online! that's what my 13 year old self would relish..but i'm not exactly like that anymore. ok, beyond the fact that it's st. patrick's day (remember the last two years? i wasn't in america! and i was doing very much irish things, like drinking green beer and just drinking in general), i want to be consistent with what i mentioned in the previous post regarding interesting things i took pictures of in the library at my school. i've already put one up here.
these can be rather vulgar so please proceed with caution; other than that, start your guffaws.

i was shocked and disturbed to discover such illustrations and phrases scrawled on decades old desks. it just seems unfathomably that warped, seeming sexually deprived, slightly prejudiced individuals attend my school. yeah, it's a big place, but just going to this library increases my chances of running into these people. um. maybe i should find a new place to study/kill time before classes, but this is really the best library i've been to thus far--it's got that old timey charm with that slowly, rotting scent of old paper and quietness you expect..there are real books that are genuinely interesting! the downsides of this place, however, are the construction stuff going on (eg: noise and god-knows-what that floats along with the dust when they drill/paint/other construction stuff)and the less than decent wi-fi.

despite being concerned about what's happened and currently happening in japan (i wonder if my '06 family is ok), i feel relaxed. also perturbed.

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