February 28, 2011

i wont grow up

i wonder. these days have been going by like...it's so painstakingly..slow, maybe? they're too long for their own good. perhaps all the obligations i have to fulfill are making my daily activities seem weighted, much more so than usual. alas, i trudge on and emit an overly pensive manner, which i suppose is sometimes construed as a bit sad, and fantasize about doing other things (people? no, i don't suppose so..or, not as often as i used to..but! I digress.) I'm so eager to finish up this undergrad life yet i know i do not have definite plans for the near future. ideas, vaguely, but actions i'm seriously considering are probably nil.

i know i'm getting older. i can't be having this 17 year old mindset forever, or, you know, this late teen way of thinking. transitioning into a state of indifference might not be the optimal reaction to this realization. i think i made an ultimatum to myself, with no consequence, that i would be more decisive. it's not happening at the right rate..the onset of an incentive as a motivation.
well, that's all i'd like to discuss for the end of this month. oh man.

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