February 21, 2010

YO WHERE MY Money, bitch?
"₩ or $"

ohhhhhhhhm, disscussion! we met some korean scholars today, they are from jinju and some would be our helpers when teaching. i originally had one, but got another when we got to the millennium park place. hmmm, i got the same vibes as when i went to that castle with the weird mannequins staged like the 1800s or something...the one where i got my picture taken with a taxidermed, enraged bear. it was ok. it was nicer going to the temple, which seemed oddly familiar especially since i used to have postcards from my last trip to korea with this place on it. so nice that my scholars bought me 경주빵. it was good. went to a museum as the last real place of interest. i was worn out by then and given the fact we had two hours to explore the place...hmm. later this evening i went out for drinking and....i ended up being the only girl. i don't understand or know why this happened. at ALL. i had a good time, though. one awkward restroom experience. hmm. not blackout-worthy, but good tipsiness. looking forward to more in the future.

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