February 25, 2010

out. On Your own.

totally irrelevant to what i want to talk about, but this scares/entertains/induces hunger for/disgusts me. tiwyf. there is stuff on there that defies all laws applicable to food construction and consumption. i want to try some though...

anyways! i'm finally settling down in hamyang and the elementary school where i will be teaching. my little studio apartment is nice and clean, yet void of real food and some appliances. it's homey. a little lonely sometimes (although i guess i can hang out with jeehyo) ...and i totally need to get more groceries.
so, my school. what to say? the majority of the staff (by which i mean "with the exception of one") is korean speaking/writing/etc. exclusive. that really makes me feel like the odd thing out and kinda makes me want to learn korean proficiently, more comprehension and speaking--grammar and vocabulary, methinks. the best parts, however, have been meeting another english teacher. she's filipina! and speaks korean rather well (another kick in the pants to get motivated for hangul learning)! but today is her last day.....no worries, though, a new one is arriving next week. i'm hoping/sensing she'll be nice too.

i'll be needing to take pictures. and since everyone has been hounding me with this--i'll be scouting out for possible boyfriends. i don't know, maybe my standards are too high...(i'm disappointed with news i've unearthed *routine sigh*)but i'mma keep looking.

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