August 2, 2009

hot damn! The time for idolization passes..on

three years since i started this thing! amazing! this was originally contrived to harbor my sadness as a result of leaving all my nice overseas study friends. hmm. i suppose it's been generally true to its purpose..with explosive and bland side-effects. also, i have been studying some japanese again and it's surprising when i realize that i can understand more than i'd like to remember. it's odd. other things! i have discovered this nice little music delight known as yojiro toyama. it's very delightful and refreshing and i adore his voice. i..don't know. i guess i was tired of the nonchalant charm that has been oozing from the likes of those suave-y european boys (oh alex turner..what a disappointment you are) or the casual brashness of those american kids. try it..

yojiro toyama: attacked

oh. so now you're asking, "what else can't this person get enough of?"
well, i'm obliged to tell you that it's probably jarvis cocker (hold still), sparta locals (stay dreamer), and ummmm...sitting outside to read in the sun.
enjoyable. and time consuming in a passive manner. that's the way i likes it.

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