July 31, 2009

[Bl]and what? a summer travesty

it's the last day of july! oh shitts. and next week i have to go off to some wedding that i'm not to keen on now (no, no, it isn't mine. there prolly ain't nobody who's gonna spend the rest of their life with me). this post really serves no poignant purpose and i'm not even going to bring up stuff from the past. i guess. however, i'm sadly realizing that summer is slowly decaying away...i've wasted it for the most part and i'm spending my days in anguish. i think they get worse every year...except maybe 2006. that was some genuine fun, if i recall. nothing like that nowadays, it's just the monotony of this country of where i am of who i don't know.

i really want to make this long. more unnecessary and eclectic typing: i have been watching the first season of the venture bros. and listening to the commentary. it's very erratic and tangential, usually, regarding whatever is happening in the episode at the time. it's not something i'm used to, having also been watching dvds of old simpsons episodes and listening to that commentary. they explain stuff and then again, i haven't heard what doc hammer and jackson publick have said about episodes in the other seasons. yet. bored out of mind otherwise and this isn't a particularly great outlet.
not nearly long enough! oh god.
lack of it. of all of it.
i'd like to have a good massage.

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