July 20, 2009

Opening your big Mouth

there are some things i am just not suited for. right now i feel like a just minted pubescent of the female sort who just had a baby, but wishes she hadn't. you know what i mean. i'm not too ashamed to say i don't want the thing, in this scenario it will be more easily to get rid of without so much sentiment or trauma. i'd like to have things they way they was without the unnecessary stress.

yes, i am a minimalist when it comes down to love and affection. i can't be there all the time to make cuddles and soothe with my sweet voice. i can't do it..or i do it in a way that seems mean to the untrained eye. this is indeed an announcement of forthright regret and a cause of unhappiness. shit. i probably shouldn't have any children.

besides, i think you make me (physically) sick.
yeah. like you can totally understand this.
it's a little sad, though.

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