July 16, 2009

livin' then, lyin' now, ain't no reason to Stop us Now

i have bug bites again and they're in unfavorable places. it's obscene where these creatures are sucking me. why is my blood so tasty? i've already done a reference. aren't you proud for figuring that out?
uhm. i've planned most of everything out for fall. which is upcoming and not something at all to look forward to. i'm surprised i was able to have a two-day school week; of course it's about ten hours per day, but i have a four day weekend and midweek break. more time to frolic about being incompetent. unless i get a job (plausible) or volunteer (perhaps i need to) or become an intern or work on college applications (most likely, then). i can't fucking believe i've gotta go through this shit for a second time and i'm not even going to grad school yet. it's hell and i promised my li'l teenaged self that i wouldn't have to suffer again. well, i'm definitely a liar. now that we've established that, won't you please peruse through the older posts to see if you can decipher the true from false?
and, yes, i'm part of the crew interested in la roux these days. who can possibly resist "growing pains" or any of those delicious dancey synths? or the crroooning.

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