November 15, 2007

King Edward VI Aston School for Boys

I feel kinda bad again, yet at the same time I’m quite happy as fuck. So. The issue of conflict today involves ditching, in a way, and I’ll be missing a class that I particularly enjoy (Oh, interesting people to look at…namely some of the grizzled Of course there is a reason for my absence—a mission that I must attempt, but there is always the factor of it being done in vain. Hmm. Whatever, I’m having a good time so far. In the downtime between this top secret task here are some nice little songs that sorta sum up the situation and such :

Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – I’m not a Juvenile Delinquent ‘Rock, rock, rock’
The Rakes - Trouble

No. I don’t think this transform into some music blog. I’ve already got some out of date web thing that deals with all that sort of musical shit. Well then, back to conspiring and homework. And that whole boys school thing--um, I stumbled upon it on facebook through some group that I chose not to join and those kids....boys..uhhh, yeah.

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