November 12, 2007

..Goes "Ahhh."

My mistake. It's Armistice Day from WWI. I knew that one of the World Wars ended on 11.11 at 11 but I couldn't remember which one. I think I recall reading about it, too, in Mother Night. So much for honors and AP history classes. So, for the veterans out there who read this--YAY FOR YOU GUYS!! GREAT JOB PROTECTING THE ASSETS AND IDEALS OF THIS COUNTRY IN WARS THAT WERE ACTUALLY RATHER IMPORTANT! (I'm sorry, but I feel that the people involved in the War in Iraq don't necessarily count. I sympathize with them, though.) Moving on, then.

What a lazy day it's been. I did a helluva lot of reading for classes I have in the upcoming week. Need to get that shit out the way so I can work on other crucial things (essays, preparing to seek out some Yorkshire-ness, being happy, if possible). And my musical tastes have shifted slightly; so into Motown and jazz and some old rockabilly. I mean, Astrud Gilberto (hence the title)? Dave Brubeck? Martha & the Vandellas? And Sam Cooke! Oh, the memories these people bring.

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