November 23, 2007

The Cold War is over; Kids made a profit

Oh, fucking shit. I was amazed and awed to a degree of utter madness.

So I went to a concert today featuring Cold War Kids. I wasn't really expecting much; maybe some mediocre show...I was kinda worried that the songs would come out sounding whiny and shrill because of how their songs are sung and such (catchy and sometimes dancey as they are). The opening band, We Are Barbarians, was all right. A little...meh. I wasn't entirely impressed although I was mildly entertained. And then the kids came on. Oh man. I was blown away by Nathan's voice--it was so accurate and relatively on pitch and, while listening carefully, really beautiful. I mean, it just hit all these high notes and fit in harmony to all the songs and--it was absolutely capital. It was so funny, but at the same time mesmerizing, to watch the other guitar guy (my sources indicate his name be Jonnie)dance around while shredding boss melodies. I ended up liking it a whole well as the band. Not obsessed with them, but more of an appreciation of their music and the people in general in the band.

I think the best part was the rock out sessions--you know, the parts where they all just do their musical things and you listen (sometimes I would close my eyes, just concentrating on hearing various individual parts) thinking, "Wow. How do they come up with this?" Most of the songs I listen to these days have long interludes of rocking out that I dance to, respectively.
Cop-out endings everywhere, too. Fucking everywhere.
And I have, like one uploadable picture (perhaps add later?) 'cuz my new camera is ridiculously unreliable...some vids, tho'.

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