December 1, 2007

Pre-made Holiday Line-up
(excluding Christmas)

I’m thinking about whether I should get those tickets for the HARD NYE thing in L.A. There’s one factor that would really push me to make the purchase…
So, I guess I’m gonna try to go. Terrible scheming must be done, but I know that it’ll all be worth it—if anyone wants to hang with me over there gimme a holla. I don’t know...yeah?
I’m really looking forward to the end of this quarter of school. I’m so sick of the mandatory core thing, but I’m upset that I might never see some of those people (um, guys, rather) from my lit class. They were the primary reason I got up and dragged my tired ass to lecture…especially on Fridays. Well, hopefully there are other nice things I’ve yet to discover and I’m excited about that. I guess.
Lazy days. And The handmaid’s tale presents a horrible perspective on the future of women. I am terrified and disgusted.
It's also the first day of December. I still think it's way early to be promoting Christmas stuff, just like last year when I heard all those x-mas songs everywhere and thinking, ""What the fuck? It's not even the right time of the year or Decemb--oh yeah, it is December, but still--waaayy too early for this stuff." Oh joy, the upcoming month of unnecessary spending—I’m gonna get me some work.

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