January 16, 2013

Premium fade

it's roughly the middle of the month and life has not, simply refuses to, and continues no change. maybe little things that have no place in mattering. there has been too much movie and tv watching. since someone made me watch submarine because it was a coming-of-age film that seemed like something inanely british (though exclusively Welsh) i would fancy. i didn't much like it, the ending was terribly inconsistent, but there were some nice scenes. this film made me completely obsessed with alex turner again. i'm listening to the ost nonstop and it's so pretty; like when i associate sad songs to the miserable excuse of a life i attempt. this is my favourite.

apparently this was released again as a song on an arctic monkeys' album. not like i'm following all that again, i'm a pure turner convert. also, i think craig roberts and alex turner look alike except the former has a shorter/more compact head with darker hair..? young mr. roberts is now a part of the welsh actors i dream about on cold dark nights alone in my bed.
completely unrelated, i'm into elliott gould again. ages ago after seeing the original m.a.s.h. i developed a thing for him and there was another 70s era gould robert altman film on netflix (hello, long goodbye) so...i have a thing for 70s era elliott gould again. or maybe i'm saying i have a thing for hairy, tall jewish guys, but i already knew that.

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