January 31, 2012

mew two all, a grim ant.

The first month is over. Maaan. One thing I have contemplated recently is doing posts dedicated to a certain topic, a specific one, in the vein of the only blog i have no shame admitting i follow because it is so gotdang good and universally appealing.
I want to reveal aspects of my life that I can't easily bring myself to discuss with anyone..for reasons i refuse to disclose in this space. but if i ever get close enough to somebody (in the span of days, months, years, lifetimes), that person will develop a better understanding regarding these personal matters..and get to hear the droning of my awesome voice. because it's so good.
these thinkings are best expressed through "writing". it comes out clearer, i think.
i'm planning to make this a, umm, occasional thing, a post to look forward to with some coherency.

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