October 6, 2011

a day in thug life

i'm disappointed september featured a single post. it's almost as bad as 2006, but pictures pretty much salvaged that. indeed, again, i've come to entice you all with recent pictures i've taken at school--no people, really, just what been piquing my interest..that isn't human.

ah, it was raining yesterday. i enjoyed it, especially whilst walking to school, but i realized the pitfalls of it when i sat in class, the front of my trousers were relatively drenched and throughout the day as my super soaked shoes & socks would not dry.

that's what it looked like, the view from my favorite place on campus to find respite.

here's something i found on the wall and enhanced a bit by paying tribute to that great monster in the sky.

i added the moniker so other people would be aware of the greatness presiding next to them.
here are some things from a classROOM! i've come to really enjoy this class, it's about proto-indo-european (i'm not sure about that whole hyphen deal..) and it's absolutely amazing seeing all these similarities between and hearing explanations behind languages. there are two things i don't much care for:
1. revisiting latin
2, these ridiculous chairs attached to the desks

if you look closely, there should be a hinge-y part visible halfway the back of the chair. every time anyone moves, that thing screeches like a banshee.
and this is my interpretation of my professor.

i know it looks a lot scary, but..he mostly looks like that. with a very dry voice and style of..humor? whenever he laughs it kinda sounds like he's choking, but his face has a maniacal mein, a little like the joker from good versions of batman. anyway, it's the mustache that makes the man.

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