September 21, 2011

got what U want

what i'm very well aware of: i haven't been here for nigh over a month plus two days and that normal blogs are chock full of visuals to attract an audience. well. i'm not exactly that kind of blogger who wants to rack up reader/visitor numbers with pictures, but someone out there, i have no idea who nor do i care to know, has criticized this lacking aspect of my web-extended life and, you know what? Fine. Here is a shitload of distractions to stare at in awe and/or longing while i describe them each with a short sentence.

This is from a t-shirt and the proceeding ones are also from clothing; the sunglasses and the rainbow mane make this zebra the hippest ungulate on the block.

It's a cute lion.

I might've liked to actually wear the t-shirt with this design when i was in middle school, going through that imaginary "rebellious" phase.

If you've been to ikea recently you'd know they're campaigning for kids to play with their soft, giant, manufactured food.

i remember seeing this on tv, but i don't remember if i watched it.

i like this necklace; it's themed for halloween at target, but i want to wear it all the time.

oh my god, this was at the 99¢ only store and i was all, "what the hell??" when i saw the name of this brand.

okok, so, if you look down about two or three posts from the past, i mentioned a sale that 2k was having and i was down to get some new threads. and indeed i did. i had ordered two new shirts, but one turned out to be out of stock (disappointment! it was hilarious). this is the one that i ultimately received:

yeah. that's david shrigley. seriously, i anticipate wearing this shirt when i feel as such.

check this out:

is there no less awesomeness seeing darth vader get bunny ear'd? OH. NO, WAY. this shirt was really a steal. less than $7 for it? hm, i think yes.

in reality, i have a collection of the best t-shirts--from elephant wangs to flipping the bird sideways. yeah, better be digging those out of the closet again.

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