June 4, 2011

Procrastinator II: the return

it's the weekend before finals! oh my god, i have too much shit to deal with that isn't even academic and it's stressing me out to the max. i just had a final this morning, as a matter of fact, but it wasn't, like too difficult i felt like dying when i saw what was on it. the thing was just a, you know..a major bitch since it was on a SATURDAY morning. oh. that reference reminds me of the times i used to do SATs and that sort of stuff. that was a real long time ago, when i think about it. maaaannnn...i don't want to be dealing with this even though it's seriously gon'be over right quick. what i'm worried about the most is this paper for one of my classes (seems every quarter i have to produce something of college-level writing relating to the course) that i haven't really started and it's worth a shitload of my total grade. dammit, i thought i told myself i was gonna start these sort of papers earlier. i'm still not entirely sure what i'll be writing about, too..AH ME GODS.
i'm looking forward to days when i feel like this. but that requires a bit more extroversion.
i think i'm going to cry in the corner over there and then start studying for my grammar police entrance exam (no lies, syntax makes you an official officer for real verbal offenses) and stress over my seemingly-never-to-be-started paper. i'm sure i'll get it done in time, it's just gonna be hell.

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