April 3, 2011

& Now I See

hey hey hey. ok. i neglected to say..i was on a glasses hunt. this wasn't even recent! i mean, i like my cheapie ones from korea, but they weren't exactly what i was looking for..plus i needed to update my prescription. i happen to be nearsighted and it was really weird that my eyesight was apparently better than the last time i went in (this further fuels my theory that i'm aging backwards). after countless days of scouring the internets for nice frames and wondering if the retro red ones i snatched up at the salvations army were right for me, i found warby parker through notcot. their frame selection has everything i ever thought about putting on my face and the price was relatively decent. Also! for every frame sold via them they donate a pair to someone who needs some vision correction in a veritably less providing country. essentially: buy and they gift glasses to the needy (pending these people need them). there's this nice feature where you can pick some frames to be sent to you to try on irl if you can't get to someplace that carries them (i guess another nice way to gauge if they look good on you via friends/family/pets/people on the street) for five days. so, here are the ones i initially picked out:

i really like the little box they came in! anyway, they probably look all black, but the fourth one was actually a deep navy...after trial and error and reconsiderations and input, i decided that the owen (second pictured in the preceding pictures) would be mine in my quest for fashionably better eyesight. i received them in the mail last week and, by golly they're nice! i look exquisitely educated and i can see better/suffer less eye pain because i used to be an avid squinter.

i don't know if i ever mentioned it on here and i can't tell if it's evident from one of the blogs i've linked on the "get thee to--" section on the side there, but i adore glasses. i'll even go as far to say i have a glasses fetish (well, maybe not that extreme, but damn near close). i can't pinpoint when or why it happened, although i know the first guy i ever liked wore them...i guess it's the connotations that are synonymous with wearing them (eg: scholarly) and how they can make faces look all the more better. with the latter said, not all glasses enhance equally so i don't drool over any ol' fellow wearing a pair. if done correctly, however, like in this case and in the manner of my italian teacher last quarter, i just might start to obsess.

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