March 29, 2011

ambidextrous appendages, pleasure, YOU.

@ i seriously want to give it up.
onto the new stuff going on this god. i don't remember how many times i've written about school, anything related to it, the students (and the elite crew known as my pals), and teachers. i've a sneaking suspicion i won't be stopping anytime soon and that induces queasiness. so. i don't care for any of my teachers this go around. the best score i'll give is moderately pedestrian--and that'll definitely alter as the weeks roll by. i was upset i couldn't do the francophone film class as it is instructed in french (...maintenant, je parle le français trés mauvais. je pense. alors, je devrais étudier chaque jour, hein?). it feels like it's gonna be a looooooooong week, but it's running smoothly thus far. so. it starts off tolerable. oh so tolerable.

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