October 5, 2010

the edu brief. white and tight?

what a change in weather. it feels like fall now. the question i seem to be getting a lot of these days is, "how's school?" i tend to reply, "it's ok." and inside i'm really thinking what i'm saying. in any scenario, i figure school is school and being here is no different from old college days, etc. also being no stranger to these stranger times, avec tous ces mecs.

however pleasant the weather has been, outbursts of rain and the gradual increase in coolness, i still wish it were more frigid. i've lately realized my birthday is coming up quick (the notion of getting another year older skipped my mind indefinitely for some reason). i can't fathom how old i've gotten and how much in common i have with most of the living venture family. thinking too much about the future and continuing to stare out windows during lectures (should there be any in the room). dreaming of those far off locales, the different countries i've tasted and long to savor to the fullest extent.
it almost comes off as perverse, that last part, don't it?

upon the start of this academic year, i've returned to pere goriot. everything in it still rings ridiculously true, but i want to change a few ideas that have plagued me.

par exemple:

"We are as hard on a feeling for showing itself too completely as we are on a man for not having any money."

and, you know, i'm like vautrin so, indeed.

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