September 28, 2010

no lick, self stick, not sick

it is hot. it was hot yesterday, it's hot today, and i'm anticipating more melting good times for the rest of the week. i can't believe this kinda weather…it’s nearly October, people. To put it into perspective: I stripped down nearly nekkid when I got home yesterday. I lounged around like that for almost an hour. and I was still sweaty. Even in the morning, when I open my eyes and realize I have to go to school, it feels stuffy—pretty much like an oven. Not because it’s sunny, it’s actually humid.
Anyway, I have to stress the difficulty in regards to connecting to the internet at my apartment. Apparently it involves the whole building and I dunno when they’re gonna fix this whole damn predicament, but I’ve sparsely wi-fi’d and had to use school connection today (as I type I’m in a library! The other one I found the yesterday that isn’t as blah as the powell one). When I think about it, I can’t exactly find an exciting even to bring up that could be deemed blogworthy. Eeehhhmmm, any plans I originally had haven’t come into fruition….

oh my god, i have to mention my annual return to manga/anime related crap! over a year ago it was bleach, right? ok, it's back to scanlations a la summer before sophomore year. i absolutely cannot get enough of this: Say I'm Cute and a little more hardcore (wait..should it be? i mean, this is really more physical) version--Love Stalking!
It's all too relevant, making me regret a few decisions i've made.
if you care for something less sentimental, here's a bit of hilarity and disturbing you can read in choku!

obviously any aspects of my life are too mundane to read up on..

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