November 21, 2009

slapdash encounters>fantasy of you

this is some motherfucing horrible deja vu right heerrr. well, i'm taking a break from the atrocious california college applications. i'm just working on the "personal statements", the tortuous element that begs to prove you're worthy of participating in the educational system. i don't know what i've been up to; everything is, like...the same thing over and over and over and over. like a monkey with a miniature cymbal...i am sooo sick of my class schedule and the routine. i know, haven't been running this shit in foreva. i'm trying to be quick with this...(mmm, that's what he said) since i gotta get back to work: i like french cheeses (oh, since that first day in paris with les gaffres..) esp. boursin and brie, i've reached the realization that i am a fashion and/or beauty whore (oh god, the little boy inside me throws up a lot every time i think about this), i keep my right hand hi (a la ici for kid sister), ehmm...i'm also binging on sweet things, and the issue of sex always comes up. fucking always.

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