November 4, 2009

All work and no play. Makes me A

there is too much to do this month. applications galore! i think universities are my priority, but i would very much like to finish the one for teaching in korea (ah, yes, i get paid and i can travel around asia!). it's for six months.
for some obscure reason i am totally into metalocalypse. i don't know why. i like the gore and the voice acting, maybe. i like toki. i'm scared of murderface. i'm liking the adult swim with the full episodes of seasons 1 at the moment. i can't fully understand why i recently find this show so appealing. i don't really like metal, i guess. ehh.
music that i'm totally into: jazz. The dave brubeck, the charles mingus, the john coltrane, the miles davis, the max roach. Also some, uh, "indie" stuff as it were: freelance whales, surfer blood & local natives. hmmmm.
there isn't really any other things worth writing...i'm liking this one guy in my art history class, but it's a lecture-like setting with a whole shitload of people the hell am i gonna be getting to know him with that going on? i don't even know his name (at least i found out grant at the ucsc)! i'm smitten with the fact that he looks like alex turner and dresses rather nicely (casual and composed in a semi-sophisticate way). i'd very much like him.
this must surely be the eclectic and incoherent.
i'm thinking about changing the colour scheme or something soon; also considering streamlining this blog into featuring topics that are age and gender appropriate since i've been browsing other things...
or not.
all i really want to do is go to ny. and stay there until i die somewhere in europe.

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