October 24, 2009

slummed On that, oh Henry V.

it's high time i make this project productive. it's been neglected!! what would blog protective services do if they knew??
all right. i've been 21 for, uh, two weeks now, i think, and i've had my four wisdom teeth extracted (yes, the pain is still there and.. there are giant gaps in my gums...) and that's the gist of what's been going on in my life! i suppose i should mention that i've taken to my erudite habits by studying italiano, i swear i know more of it than spanish. ehh. oh! exciting, exciting: new season of the venture bros. i didn't really understand that little counter thing that kept popping up with the $ thing, but, i got it and how it was all memento-fied (like the movie with guy pearce). I AM SMITTEN with HANK VENTURE and his LONG UNKEMPT HAIR. His improved wardrobe, including Brock's shearling lined jean jacket, and choice of reading material--marvel issue #1..comics in general are just the coke lines on my glass coffee table. Since i couldn't find a decent picture of his new look, i present to you this equally cute picture which includes dean.

i also watched district b-13 (thank you, old time magazine). it's a french movie set in the kinda mostly dystopian near future with government corruption and nuclear weapons of sorts. lots of parkour. reminded me a little of mirror's edge. sooo..i discovered monsieur david belle. he is the founder of parkour (ok. that i just found out). look at him when he was a young 'un.

oh my gush. kwwwwuuuutte flash forward...


i don't care how small those pictures are...i mean, you can search for the same stuff should you become entranced with this character.

what i'm listening to a lot of: dave brubek, music from shaft performed by Soul Mann & the Brothers (the theme is awesome), and the smoke. suck on that.

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