May 29, 2009

oh juvenile crush! you ruin my Life so.

something that's been plaguing me at the moment, for a while actually, is this whole issue of relationships/love/that deal. what sparked my longing was seeing mr. used-to-sit-next-to-me unexpectedly today. i couldn't believe it at first, he looked slightly familiar, but i thought it wise to dismiss it.

i am a naive, curious girl, though. i had to steal another look in the general direction of the first sighting and, sure enough, it was really him. there was a flutter in my abdomen and, being a little frightened, looked down in an attempt to become invisible. that always works, right? well, it did in my mind. i'm sure i was flushing pink. he probably saw me. gah. it was so stupid of me to feel like that over him--he really isn't the type of guy i generally like. shit. i feel so damn desperate.

could he be the one?..unlikely....
so, i'm taking this moment to declare that i'm not giving up hope. i also took to heart some information my friend gave me a while back and was recently reiterated when i was reading some magazine: if micheal cera has an asian girfriend there must be some cute, funny, and mybe slightly awkward white boy out there for me. i'd prefer european, but for some odd reason i sense it'll be more like midwestern or canadian.

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