September 28, 2007

Better times back then

So today I had a ton of time to do stuff (ie: watch that office episode I never watched. It was quite funny/interesting, I guess) and the majority of that time was spent looking at images of some people. Here are some of the blog worthy results:

Bruce Campbell. Army of Darkness. Ohhh.

The young Marlon Brando. I really love this picture. It's just, like, something a little artsy and indifferent--he just looks like a regular-kinda guy that one might see on the street looking over somewhere.

Remember in December I posted about 'Cool Hand Luke'? More Paul Newman.

Oh. My. Gosh. Harrison Ford in a Speedo. Kinda funny.

Yeah. I stared at some of those pictures for a while, just thinking. That Harrison Ford one made me laugh so hard. Like, seriously, it's so damn funny. SPEEDO!! Um.

This is such a cute little picture. Little Will Wheaton and River Phoenix in the 'Stand By Me' movie. Now I really wanna watch it. This is--just so adorable.
I can't believe Jerry O'Connell was the portly kid. He changed much.

I forget the rest.

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