September 6, 2007

R.O.U.S.s cause R.L.S. so R.I.P.

The wilderness isn't such a great place to be without the right equipment and such. It can lead to a miserable experience, my friends (if any at the moment). Suffocating cigarette smoke in the air and pictures of wanton women on the sidewalk. Oh hell yes, these are good times. This is the first ever post for the month of September EVAR! What a feat to accomplish; I guess the last time that I started this I was extremely busy with school shit (advanced placement biology is oh so time consuming). It's a relieving experience to not have to worry about that just yet. What's so great about this month anyway?

I am somewhat pleased to mention that there is vindication for me: klaxons back in LA and San Francisco! Oh, the choice (I'm leaning towards the SF one cuz it'll be closer). The planning and devising shall take place over the days/week ahead. Complacency is upon me and it "feels so good".

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