July 18, 2013

a good Man is hard to find.

i suppose it seems apt to believe this post is about me. what on this blog isn't? so. my days have been consumed with great viewing pleasures. of late, my obsession lies with gritty, dramatic cop thrillers from across the pond. maybe it's the way they speak "proper English" or how much more attractive detectives are or how much more sophisticated the crimes are and even more so elegant how conclusions are drawn....it's much more frighteningly methodical. i think it's the second reason why i like them so much. having finished watching sherlock oh so many months ago, and it was here i discovered something called benedict cumberbatch,

i began my descent into the underworld of cop dramas by way of Jack Taylor.

I hadn't noticed before, but Iain Glen is in a lot of films and televisions shows (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Coronation Street, GoT). Everywhere I turn he just pops up. Having seen him so much in his middle-aged, Scottish state in various forms of dress, I've succumbed to his rugged, highland attractiveness. Anyway, back to discussing this show. As a former guarda (cop) in Galway, Ireland, Jack Taylor works as a private investigator to solve mysteries and murders the police can't quite figure out. It's very John McClane. Anyway, Jack can be a terrible hardass who fucks this up impeccably. He can also be a compassionate man who figures everything out in the nick of time. he's not very likable, he gets into trouble with the law, he gets beat up by men in ski masks, he shoots off ears and blinds psychotic youths with stun guns--mostly while drunk. there's just a quality about this rogue character that's completely engrossing. the only jack taylor knows how to do (besides be very, very drunk) is find justice. even at the expense of others (ie: deaths, torture, whatever else). if you don't understand what i mean, then go ahead and watch the show. each episode is over 90 minutes so...it's best done when you've nothing too important to do except observe the iain glen as an irishman.

as of late i have been into this show called luther which stars idris elba as the title character. (mr. idris elba is an extremely attractive man who is further amplified into mega-attractiveness as he speaks proper english.) this cop thriller/drama is intense. i wasn't expecting it to entrance me so, i ended up watching two episodes griped in fear and wonder at everything happening. this show is about a cop who basically does anything he can to do the ultimate right thing, even at the expense of others. he doesn't always like to do it, but luther is too good at heart to turn down those in need. despite him being a good guy, he can turn into a frighteningly unstable mass of anger on par with the criminals he hunts down. mr. elba does a wonderful job portraying the different facets of who luther is: a father-figure, a dedicated enforcer of the law, a deeply troubled man, a controlled psycho, someone who wises he could escape his stressful life. i enjoy seeing how luther profiles suspects and is very spot on when it comes to breaking down their methods. it's so eerie. this show goes farther than believed and has left me utterly shocked. (i forgot about this: paul mcgann is in it. when i found out i was all "...oh. he looks different from when i last saw him.") i also fear visiting england as this show has opened my eyes to the sick individuals who could inhabit london (then again, this is true for any country....i suppose i'm just heavily influenced by this at the moment), but if someone like luther is out there then it won't be that bad.
i wish real men like these tv characters. i mean, in a sense of doing good and caring for the ones they love even when it's too late... at least letting them know. and wouldn't a trio of sherlock, taylor, and luther make an awesome crime-fighting team? you'd have the brains and the muscles and intimidation. even though sherlock isn't really set in the real, real world..

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