June 18, 2013

Television Personalities

I haven't been faithful to television. we had a good run in my early years (i was basically raised on PBS and Fox...yes, cable was too expensive for my household as a child) and i got to spend a lot of time in front of a tv screen on afternoons, evenings, and saturday mornings. god, local channels used to have amazing cartoon line-ups on saturdays. anyway, here are some shows I've been watching too much of, old and new, that i'd like to discuss at length and persuade you to watch as well.

King of the Hill

so i've been watching this since the late 90s, even when i though it was the strangest show, and since then i have become an ardent fan. if anyone remembers the fox show line-up from way back when, this came right before the simpsons (one of my favorite things to watch in youth) so i ended up turning on the tv early and catching bits of this. being older, i appreciate the odd nuances of the show now. hank hill having to deal with his asinine friends and his questionable son. i believed everyone in texas was portrayed as someone on the show, but this was proved a little less than true when i actually went to texas. i watch this on netflix, relishing in the crazy story lines and wondering why this show was eventually canceled.


this was something i began to watch over two years ago. i devoured all the episodes, caught up to the end of the last season that was filmed and stopped waiting/couldn't find places to watch the new season. i gave up. then i met an idiot who started watching this and made me relive everything i that made me relish this show in the first place: the obscenities of nathan, the beauty of alisha, the adorable-creepy-akwardness of simon (i harbor an infatuation with welsh iwan rheon to this day), kelly the chav, and curtis. misfits is supposed to be a mash-up of british tv's skins and i think american tv's heroes...it's basically sex and bloody violence and very odd things. perfect for younger people to get into. i've caught up to the newer seasons where new characters were introduced and my favorites had long gone. i don't like it nearly half as much as i did, with the exception of joe gilgun, and i miss the original cast. vaguely relieved there will be one more season (5!) before the series calls is quits.


has anyone else seen this? it is AMAZING. Copper is a historical thriller drama based in 1860s new york city. the story revolves around the copper Kevin Corcoran as he searches for answers to his wife's disappearance and daughter's death as well as upholding justice in an early chaotic city. i devoured this show. and i have developed infatuations with a few of the actors, most notably tom weston-jones

I'm also very intrigued by Kyle Schmid who plays robert morehouse.

i have had dreams about that man. there's just something about canadians, i tell you what. they get me every time.
i suppose those are/have been my obsessions for a while. if i could recommend one show, it would definitely be copper, but they're all really good shows to chain watch for a lazy afternoon (or weekend).

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