July 5, 2012


so for my near-middle-of-the-week holiday, i journeyed to northern california to visit my first real college i went to after i graduated high school. i could hardly contain my excitement as evident in this picture:

when we finally arrived at the place (hours upon hours later), i was filled with a damning nostalgia of the shit that happened there. the santa cruz scent brought back my early hopefully memories of actually ever loving the place. anyway, here are some pictures.

this was my dorm! or part of/a building near my actual dorm. i couldn't believe i remembered how to walk there from the bookstore. i would've taken a picture closer, but that would have required me to walk further uphill. i'm not too into that.
here are a series of trees and such. i'd forgotten how nice it is to see so many trees, especially everyday when i went to school there for a while. and the air, it is too fresh. i started hacking up black slime as i purged my body with the mountainy atmosphere.

i know you can't really tell from this angle, but this picture was taken from in a mini clearing encircled by tress. i felt as if weird, possibly sexual, pagan rituals were held there. ceremonies held by witches? drug pow-wows? and to prove my point i saw this not far from this tree-circle:

.... what the fuck is this? it's like a reliquary or something...a summoning stick or whatever..i don't know. it looks like crazy and maybe pagan.
back to more pictures! of the boardwalk and pier! but they're not totally amazing..but have a look anyway!

Whilst at santa cruz, i picked up this bum.

well, he looked like a bum, but Mr. Sharky McFly actually turned out to be the coolest shark i've met and i have no shame in admitting that i slept with him.
ok, that doesn't make me a whore because, you know, he bought me dinner first and i found out he's a dj from ibiza and an amateur freestyle rapper and a producer for atl hip-hop records and he went to uni at oxford. Absolutely impressive, how could i not take him with me? He's not going to be with me forever, though. Mr. S. McFly has to get back to work and he wants to kick it with one of my friends...i think they'l be roommates whenever Sharky stops over in l.a.

after the one day thing at the university, we headed over to Monterey. i had no intention of going there, but, much like a pregnant girl and a hanger equals an abortion, it was on the way so we figured what the hell, its inevitable.

i thought these were pretty flowers. there were some that had yellow ones, too.

kayakers to be.

sharky mcfly is a camera whore.

check out these dogs. they look like crawling, furry humans. afghan hounds? is that right?

lastly, here is a video of the drive along the coast. i don't know/can't explain the background noises, if any (i think it's the platters & incoherent talking). ignore them. IGNORE.

i would say this was a fun trip. the worst part was the long ass drive, despite the fact i quite like being cooped up in a vehicle for hours and staring out the window. and as much as it pains my brain to admit this, monterey is a nice looking place. i want to go the aquarium eventually.
we'll see if that happens. and if there are belugas.

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