December 11, 2011

The most wonderful?

After it all, I still feel nauseous; there's elation, but an impending fear, the dread of what's to come because i fucked up so hard last time. Shit. The greatest release came with but a small sense of satisfaction. No, wait. There was nothing satisfying about it. I couldn't let myself go completely. My expectations were so high.

It was sorely disappointing.

And the red-nosed. bearded, jolly head of Christmas-time is rearing it's head this way. Meh. I put up the tree today (the same tree from when I was five..or around that age). Suspecting it will be lonely. Without those electric-light lawn flamingoes to keep me company. Ah. Here are some interesting things.
Because, you know, people need to see these things.

It's a kermit orgy! or..some sort of masturbatory affair? I think I'm a little too much into the muppets after seeing that free screening of the lastest movie last month. I mean, I watched the muppet christmas carol (Michael Caine and Raymond Coulthard were quite cute i 1992) and i'm currently watching muppets from space. It's not bad. There are references from pop culture back when those sort of things were popular (dawson's creek, mice=spice girls, "the american way"). Yeah.

I thought this looked a little like Nemo, or maybe his mom.

I want the full size version of this.

Solidifying my obsession with wayfarers. My profound fascinations with frames. Freaky note: I'm missing a pair of glasses that belong in the front row there.

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