January 25, 2011

the pre-coup sensation

i know i haven't been contributing lately. it's not that i don't want to, there is an odd group that must chance on seeing this thing every so often, but i'm getting really caught up in an overwhelming world where i lose sense of time and i'm tired and spaced out. i missed a class today because i totally couldn't comprehend my schedule and what, exactly, i should've been doing after taking that harrowing and demoralizing japanese test.

there isn't much to say. i feel uncouth and disheartened. i need to pile up these feelings. then i can totally be cathartic all at once and save some much needed time to do some research or whatever. much has occurred, as you can prolly infer from my exasperation and harried accounts of recent activities. i don't understand why i'm so indecisive. it might not be the best option in the short term, but there's an off chance that i'll be better off in the future.
i'm not talking about people here. it's a bit of a generalization, i suppose.

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