September 2, 2010

Up in 90210

i found this a while ago, within the past few weeks, and since it's been taking up tab space i've decided to put it here.
good criteria for dating/fucking.
when i followed the chart with my recent encounters it only led to the nasty. i wonder if i shoulda done it. hm. in other words, i've been lonely lately and it's very, very depressing.
of course that's a rather normal sensation for someone like me.
moving on.
my obsession with avatar: the last air bender maybe dwindling (it was a mere two weeks ago i got into that shit). i watch the last episode today, some of it, and i felt free knowing how it ended.
although, i do have an inkling to watch the live-action movie and check out the spin off that's in the works.
that makes me feel...very fangirl in a disturbed way.
oh well, there's always gaspard ménier.

hahahaha, link dumping.


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