July 11, 2010

Wiggy wack

so.i think i saw the majority of my family in busan for the last time. it was rainy and somber and funny when the wig got cut/we watched shrek. i really should have gotten my hair did too, but i don't know if the lady would've known what i wanted..anyway. one cousin went on a spur of the moment-seeming trip to japan and i had intended to give her some stuff and tell her the new interesting shit in my life...ehh. whatevs. i think i'll be missing mr. kindergarden-bread. this is the second time i've seen him and..yeah, quite humorous.

my last week at two schools begins! i don't know...i feel so much more relieved than sad with the exception of the one kindergarten class.
i'm relishing the moments when people are too shy to speak to me in english, but turn out to be genuinely talented in the language. emphasis on the latter.

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