June 28, 2010

Thus spoke ///Z

hello. it still doesn't feel like summer despite it being the end of june. i mean, it don't feel like the right month; i keep checkin' myself--the weather reminds me of march back home sans the humidity. i'm suffering the -itis relating to the excitement of something finishing, variable known as senoritis back in the days of high school. i have no idea what the equivalent of that is now...vacationitis? penultimatitis? whatever, i'm restless and eager for the end of this semester.
i think this is major: "God Makes Music". I was told He could make amazing things, but possibly big banging beats when his sounds get put together? Exceptional.
other great news: i can officially get into hijinks and look good. i've pretty much mastered the dance from bande à part. i'd do goddard proud, busting out in synchronized fluidity with my dastardly cohorts. pending i can find at least two other people who know how to do this dance.

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