March 28, 2010

Living for the WeekEnd

i'm sure some kid(s) from my three-days-a-week school is(are) a thief(no "f" eves). i was looking forward to the weekend, but not necessarily what i would be doing. it turned out ok in the end. and i met a plastic surgeon so i can probably get those double d's and maybe pull a jennifer grey. anyway. i'm generally tired.
i really know what anna (not the one recently married, the one who used to teach at my school until last month) means about having her kid grow up somewhere that isn't so...ummmhnm, uncouth like 1/3 of home.
if i really think about it...i can't fucking believe i'm in korea. and that ship sinking had me worrying about my cousin. he's alive. shaken and stirred, but still kicking. i don't think that reference/analogy (?) is particularly pertinent to the situation. i guess i'm used to people speaking korean, despite understanding near nothing of what they are saying, and speaking to me in butchered english. i know that second bit the best. i am an amateur expert. i think that's the biggest difference from when i've been abroad for a considerably long time. i was at least familiar with the languages in those places and, i'm a little sorry to say, was definitely more excited for for my voyages there. hmmm, it's just like home but on a massive scale of realistic-ness.

and i found a playable version of that love zombie game i talked about nearly two years ago! it's not as awesome as the summer one, i think, since you don't get to ride a speed boat or go parasailing. isn't digression the next best thing ever?

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