March 12, 2010

A conversationalist knows you gotta reciprocate

it was quite pleasant today (except for lunch, i'm really not liking lunch on weekdays). i think a lot of it was attributed to being with crystal during my time at school rather than "david" and his afrocized, froggish teach pal. i actually did some form of work, on my lesson plans for the next week or so. i think it's pretty official: i like the kids at my main school the best. they are mostly

b)nice (to me and at least from what i've experienced..)
c)eager to learn english

some, what do call checks were requested and definitely a bitch to try and fix. it was a lot like high school. i heard a sad story that truly got me on the verge of near tears. i kinda wish i hadn't asked some things..back. i'm wondering how tomorrow will go.

i had a mr. mackey moment and stumbled on this bit (not said by him)--

It is sometimes hard, in times like
these, to understand God's way. Why
would he allow nine innocent people
to be run down in the prime of their
lives by a senior citizen who, perhaps,
shouldn't be driving? It is then that
we must understand, God's sense of humor
is very different from our own. He does
not laugh at the simple "man walks into
a bar" joke. No, God needs complex irony
and subtle farcical twists that seem
macabre to you and me. All that we can
hope for is that God got his good laugh
and a tragedy such as this will never
happen again.

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